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Commercial Hydroseeding

  1. You need experience.
  2. You need a partner who works with you to find the best solution.
  3. You need dependable scheduling.
  4. And you need to know that you are going to get results.
  5. King Hydroseeding knows how to get the job done right and work in partnership with you to find solutions to ensure optimal results.
  6. We have worked with some of the largest construction companies, municipalities and cities as well as general contractors, paving companies, sewer and watermain, bulk earth movers, home builders, landscape architects and bridge builders to name a few.

Our hydroseeding techniques are designed to cover a wide range of site conditions and requirements. Some examples of the type of projects we undertake include:

And we’re always willing to tackle new projects

Residential Hydroseeding

The grass is always greener

You want a healthy, high-quality lawn to complement your beautiful home.

Hydroseeding is a fast and cost effective method of seeding and establishing grass for erosion control, reclamation, and remediation.

King Hydroseeding will work with you to choose the right seed mix to suit your individual needs and give you the advice you need to take care of your new lawn. In most cases, our consultant will come to view your property in advance to provide you with an accurate quote.

Talk to our customer service reps today about how we can help you.


What next?

The hydroseeding is complete and the truck has left. Now what?

  1. The first step in caring for your new lawn, is understanding what to expect in the next few weeks. Even with regular watering your new lawn will at first look a bit patchy. Does this mean that the seeds weren’t distributed evenly? No. Not at all.
  2. For a traditional lawn, we use a combination of Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass and an Annual Ryegrass as a nurse crop to aid the permanent species during their infancy.
  3. The rye grasses are the first to germinate and you’ll notice them as tiny, slender shoots. The annual ryegrass inhibits weed growth as much as possible thereby allowing the other plants to establish themselves. The annual grass will die off during the winter, but by that point the other species will have grown to a point where they can support themselves.
  4. Kentucky Blue is added to provide the lush colour for your lawn. They are the last to germinate and can take up to 30 days for germination during optimal conditions.
  5. Because each seed germinates at a different rate the lawn appears patchy at first. Once all the seeds have germinated and grown to a length of about 6 cm, (usually after about 7 weeks) the lawn will start to come together. Remember that a mature lawn takes about 5 months to complete. Your lawn will look full grown after 2 months, but the plants are still young and still require tender care.

Watering Tips You can begin watering your lawn after the mulch has cured for 24 hours. Mulching seed serves several purposes. The cover helps keep the seed in place (so seed doesn’t blow away or get eaten by birds); it helps retain moisture, aiding germination; and, as it breaks down, the cover adds organic matter to the soil.
Keep the mulch moist but don’t over water. Try to avoid pooling of the water, or rivers that could wash the seed away.
Once the seedlings start to emerge you can water for longer periods of time.
MOWING TIPS Once your grass is approximately 5 to 6 cm high you can safely mow it.
Your lawn will look “patchy” at this point but it is very important to maintain a regular mowing schedule as this helps the plants to spread and grow thicker.
Make sure you mow when the grass is dry, and always ensure the blades of the mower are sharp to prevent damage to the young blades.
FERTILIZING TIPS The grass seeds are mixed with mulch and an 18-32-6 fertilizer to promote root growth upon application. A regular maintenance of fertilizer is recommended starting as early as the 5th week after your lawn has been hydroseeded.
Fertilizer requirements will vary depending on the time of year and soil conditions. Check with your local nursery to determine the type of fertilizer that is right for your lawn.
WEEDING TIPS King Hydroseeding does not recommend using any herbicides on your new lawn. The plants are in their infancy at this stage and are vulnerable to any products that you may apply. We never advocate use of a weed and feed product at any time, even once your lawn has been established.
While the seeds used for your lawn are of highest purity, there are always native weeds inherent in the topsoil. Over time the grass seeds will take over and weeds will be choked out leaving you with a mature, beautiful, healthy lawn.
FINAL TIPS You can walk on your newly hydroseeded lawn, but please try to limit it as much as possible. Avoid heavy traffic and try to keep pets from the area as much as possible. There is nothing toxic that could hurt a pet, however any heavy traffic on a newly seeded lawn can permanently damage the new grass.


What is it?

By definition, Terraseeding™ is the computer calibrated injection of seed into a non-slurried mulch, compost, fibre, or growth media during the application process by an Express Blower™ truck.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, this means that seed and a growth medium, most commonly being yard compost mixed with bark fines, is blown onto a prepared surface via a blower truck. Unlike hydroseeding, this application goes on dry and provides the establishment of vegetation quicker than hydroseeding. It is effective on difficult slopes 3:1 or greater and where access is limited. The depth of the growth medium varies depending on the application. For example, if you are topdressing on a 5:1 slope a depth of 12.5-25mm is sufficient, while a slope of 1:1 would require a 100mm depth for erosion control. The growth medium protects the soil surface from direct rainfall impact, reduces the velocity of runoff, and fosters the growth of vegetation by conserving moisture and preventing the washing away of seed.

Blower Truck Services

In addition to Terraseeding, King Hydroseeding is skilled in the installation of shredded mulch, granulars and wood fibre for playgrounds.

Our fleet of blower trucks includes smaller vehicles for tight areas and larger trucks capable of blowing on to rooftops and areas that require greater blowing capacity.

Call us to discuss the parameters of your project and we'll help you come up with the best blower truck application to get the job done.

Erosion Control

The solutions that make sense for you

King Hydroseeding offers experience and expertise in Erosion Control.

Erosion control is the stabilizing of an area. Stabilization can occur through vegetation, but the vegetation needs time to establish to do its job. At the organic level, a precise blend of seed and soil stabilizers are required to correct problem areas. In extreme cases, retaining walls or other mechanisms may have to be erected.

Erosion never rectifies itself. It always requires a specialized solution to control the problem. At King Hydroseeding, we’ll work with you to determine which solution is right for your project.


High performance hydraulic erosion control products are designed to replace traditional temporary erosion control blankets. These extreme products have been formulated to be sprayed on in a one-step method along with seed. Extreme slopes and rough terrain can be sprayed with canons at different angles to provide coverage to these difficult areas.

Hydraulically applied Erosion Control Blankets come in a variety of strengths, they offer superior erosion control and very little to no cure time. With no staples, these blankets are easily sprayed on and adhere to the ground so there is no tenting or water flow.

King Hydroseeding can assist you in determining the best solution for your project.


Traditional rolled on erosion control blankets were first invented in the 1960’s. Still widely used today, these blankets can be made of straw, wood, coconut, jute and synthetic fibres. The Erosion Control Blanket is a method of stabilizing soils during seed germination with a reinforced netted blanket. The soil is prepared and seeded, then blankets are rolled out and pinned in place.

Erosion Control Blankets should be used in areas where water flows are expected for limited periods of time, or for small areas where it does not make sense to bring in large hydroseeding equipment.

For more information on King Hydroseeding’s Erosion Control options and for current pricing, please call our estimating department at 1-866-951-1101.


What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic-mulch seeding, is a process whereby you mix a slurry of seed, mulch, fertilizers and water in a large tank and spray over prepared ground in a uniform manner. The mixture encourages quick germination and inhibits soil erosion. Along with the proper erosion control mechanisms, Hydroseeding offers superior results for areas that require erosion control.

Today, establishing native grasses is a priority in many projects. Non-native and invasive species are being replaced by native grasses and native wildflowers. Native grasses, wildflowers, wetland mixtures, naturalization mixtures, upland and meadow mixtures, wildlife rehabilitation, pasture mixtures and forages are typically used in hydroseeding mixtures.

Hydroseeding is ideal for larger areas, parks, golf courses, commercial sites, highways and difficult to reach areas. With over 400 feet of hoses and large canons, accessibility is rarely a problem.

The Hydroseeding Advantages

Discover the many hydroseeding advantages that have made this a growing business for both commercial and residential customers.

In addition to choosing King Hydroseeding for our expertise, responsive customer service,and innovative solutions, the benefits of hydroseeding include:
Lower Cost - More economical Hydroseeding can cost less than 1/2 the price of sod, especially when labour is factored in. It requires less installation time and less material.

Higher Quality - Quicker germination

Hydroseeding will produce much healthier grass because the root system develops in the soil right from seed. Sod has to be transplanted and often experiences shock in foreign soil.

By using site-specific seed, you’ll get a “custom” lawn that suits your soil and your individual taste. And because hydroseeding provides a specially formulated growing medium, you’ll enjoy fast germinating, healthy grass and a significantly higher germination rate than grass seeded by traditional methods.

Erosion Control - The better way

Hydroseeding is a proven method of turf establishment that effectively retains moisture and protects from adverse weather conditions and inhibiting soil erosion. Because of the ingredients in the slurry, hydroseeding has less rigorous watering demands, is more tolerant of drought and wind, and better withstands conditions that lead to washout. For areas where there is significant slope and risk of erosion, special additional tackifying agents can be added to the slurry to give results equivalent to erosion control matting.

Easy Application – Quick and convenient

Hydroseeding is a versatile, fast way to grow grass and projects can be undertaken earlier and later in the growing season. It can easily be applied to slopes, to wet, frozen, or bumpy soil and to areas that may be inaccessible by conventional means. So your window for establishing grass is greatly extended past that of placing sod or seeding by traditional methods.

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