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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic-mulch seeding, is a process whereby you mix a slurry of seed, mulch, fertilizers and water in a large tank and spray over prepared ground in a uniform manner. The mixture encourages quick germination and inhibits soil erosion. Along with the proper erosion control mechanisms, Hydroseeding offers superior results for areas that require erosion control.

Today, establishing native grasses is a priority in many projects. Non-native and invasive species are being replaced by native grasses and native wildflowers. Native grasses, wildflowers, wetland mixtures, naturalization mixtures, upland and meadow mixtures, wildlife rehabilitation, pasture mixtures and forages are typically used in hydroseeding mixtures.

Hydroseeding is ideal for larger areas, parks, golf courses, commercial sites, highways and difficult to reach areas. With over 400 feet of hoses and large canons, accessibility is rarely a problem.

The Hydroseeding Advantages

Discover the many hydroseeding advantages that have made this a growing business for both commercial and residential customers.

In addition to choosing King Hydroseeding for our expertise, responsive customer service,and innovative solutions, the benefits of hydroseeding include:
Lower Cost - More economical Hydroseeding can cost less than 1/2 the price of sod, especially when labour is factored in. It requires less installation time and less material.

Higher Quality - Quicker germination

Hydroseeding will produce much healthier grass because the root system develops in the soil right from seed. Sod has to be transplanted and often experiences shock in foreign soil.

By using site-specific seed, you’ll get a “custom” lawn that suits your soil and your individual taste. And because hydroseeding provides a specially formulated growing medium, you’ll enjoy fast germinating, healthy grass and a significantly higher germination rate than grass seeded by traditional methods.

Erosion Control - The better way

Hydroseeding is a proven method of turf establishment that effectively retains moisture and protects from adverse weather conditions and inhibiting soil erosion. Because of the ingredients in the slurry, hydroseeding has less rigorous watering demands, is more tolerant of drought and wind, and better withstands conditions that lead to washout. For areas where there is significant slope and risk of erosion, special additional tackifying agents can be added to the slurry to give results equivalent to erosion control matting.

Easy Application – Quick and convenient

Hydroseeding is a versatile, fast way to grow grass and projects can be undertaken earlier and later in the growing season. It can easily be applied to slopes, to wet, frozen, or bumpy soil and to areas that may be inaccessible by conventional means. So your window for establishing grass is greatly extended past that of placing sod or seeding by traditional methods.

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