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King Hydroseeding offers experience and expertise in Erosion Control.

Erosion control is the stabilizing of an area. Stabilization can occur through vegetation, but the vegetation needs time to establish to do its job. At the organic level, a precise blend of seed and soil stabilizers are required to correct problem areas. In extreme cases, retaining walls or other mechanisms may have to be erected.

Erosion never rectifies itself. It always requires a specialized solution to control the problem. At King Hydroseeding, we’ll work with you to determine which solution is right for your project.


High performance hydraulic erosion control products are designed to replace traditional temporary erosion control blankets. These extreme products have been formulated to be sprayed on in a one-step method along with seed. Extreme slopes and rough terrain can be sprayed with canons at different angles to provide coverage to these difficult areas.

Hydraulically applied Erosion Control Blankets come in a variety of strengths, they offer superior erosion control and very little to no cure time. With no staples, these blankets are easily sprayed on and adhere to the ground so there is no tenting or water flow.

King Hydroseeding can assist you in determining the best solution for your project.


Traditional rolled on erosion control blankets were first invented in the 1960’s. Still widely used today, these blankets can be made of straw, wood, coconut, jute and synthetic fibres. The Erosion Control Blanket is a method of stabilizing soils during seed germination with a reinforced netted blanket. The soil is prepared and seeded, then blankets are rolled out and pinned in place.

Erosion Control Blankets should be used in areas where water flows are expected for limited periods of time, or for small areas where it does not make sense to bring in large hydroseeding equipment.

For more information on King Hydroseeding’s Erosion Control options and for current pricing, please call our estimating department at 1-866-951-1101.

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